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Oct 16, 2011 8:30am PDT
nation. joining congressman darrell issa who took the red eye to get here and be with us here this morning from his district in san diego. also cbs news investigative correspondent sharyl attkisson who broke this story. mr. chairman, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me on, bob. >> schieffer: this whole business about this operation fast and furious really blew up last december as we said in the open. when border patrol agent brian terry was killed and two guns connected to this operation were found at the scene of the crime. the f.b.i. said the evidence was inconclusive as to whether those guns were the ones responsible for this murder. but i understand you have learned there may have been another gun at the scene of the crime, and i understand you're writing to the f.b.i. director to ask for more information. are you suggesting, sir, that the f.b.i. may have tampered with evidence at the scene? >> we're not suggesting that, but when you have tickets that are numbered 2 and 3 and there's no ticket 1, in other words, the weapon, one weapon has a 2 and one has a three on it
Oct 30, 2011 10:30am EDT
little getting used to. >> they asked me who is is the president of uzbekistan i'm going to say, you know, i don't know. do you know? >> schieffer: but he's turning conventional wisdom on its head with his unconventional campaign. >> romney, perry, perry romney. i thought it was a new song. >> schieffer: his campaign manager tried to explain it in a video that is, well, downright bizarre. >> we've run a campaign like nobody has ever seen. but then america has never seen a candidate like herman cain. ♪ america >> schieffer: whatever is causing it, herman cain is the hottest thing in republican politics. he's in the studio with us straight ahead on "face the nation." >> schieffer: good morning again. herman cain is in the studio with us this morning with a big smile on his face and no wonder. you are now leading, mr. cain, in two national polls this week including the cbs news/"new york times" poll. here is the new des moines register poll just out this morning for iowa where the first contest takes place in january. lo and behold you're basically in a statistical tie with mitt romne
Oct 9, 2011 8:30am PDT
schieffer. >> schieffer: morning again. welcome to face the nation. in the studio with us today herman cain annuity gingrich. i want to ask both of you. you both spoke to the big conservative values conference last week. but the preacher who introduceded rick perry kind of stole all the headlines because he told reporters that more monism is a cult and that mitt romney is not a christian. mr. gingrich, should that be part of the discussion? >> no. i think that none of us should sit in judgment on somebody else's religion. i thought it was very unwise and very inappropriate. >> schieffer: do you think that mitt romney is a christian? >> i think he's a mormon and they define themselves as a branch of christianity. >> schieffer: your thoughts? >> we're not running for theologian in chief. we're running for president of united states of america. while i believe that the american people want to know what are your values, what are your principles because your values and your principles may impact how you make decisions but not get into the specifics of your chosen religion. >> schieffer: do
Oct 23, 2011 10:30am EDT
here. if they don't want us there and the conditions they laid down suggests they don't want us there, how can you really help people who don't want your help? >> well again, the problem is we've put a lot of deposit into this situation with iraq. to think that we are so disrespected and they have so little fear of the united states that there would be nothing that we would gain from this? that's why i've called on president obama to return to the negotiating table. the obama administration has said they've gotten everything they wanteded. they got exactly nothing. i believe that iraq should reimburse the united states fully for the amount of money that we have spent to liberate these people. they're not a poor country. they're a wealthy country. i think that they need to do that because what we will be leaving behind is a nation that is very fragile and will be subject to dominance by iran and their influence in the region. that's not good. >> schieffer: do you think, congresswoman, that the american people with the budget situation the way it is really want to keep a large contingen
Oct 2, 2011 8:30am PDT
leaders now... they read the polls. they see how low opinion the american opinion have of us. but more important than that, the economy continues to stagger along. remember last summer, i believe it was going to be the summer of recovery. so it's time we tried something different. and it works. the approval rating of both will go up if we will sit down and, look, there are some areas that we would agree on-- the payroll tax, a flat tax. have you met any american that doesn't agree that we should reform the tax code? and i don't think we can put our eggs in the basket of the super committee, as much as i admire and respect them. >> schieffer: john mccain, always a pleasure. >> thanks for having me. >> schieffer: when we come back, we're going to talk some more about chris christie with a republican governor, haley barbour, and a democratic governor, martin o'malley, in a minute. >> schieffer: we're talking politics this morning. we're going to keep up the conversation with the maryland governor democrat martin o'malley. governor, thank you for being here. and down in mississippi, r
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)